Moon Gardening

21 Nov

In my novel Starfish Girl, on her journey through the under water dome world, the starfish girl encounters a moon garden filled with plants that glow in the moonlight.

You don’t need to be in an underwater dome to create your own moon garden. Here are a few tips on night gardening that will help you create your own glowing paradise. Maybe your plants will talk to you like they do to Jaffa the clownfish man.

Night blooming flowers:

Night Phlox, also know as Midnight Candy, this flower is closed during the day but when the sun begins to set for the night the Pholx opens and releases a beautiful vanilla like fragrance.

Moonflowers, Evening Stock, and Angel’s Trumpet also bloom exclusively at night.

For some other amazing fragrances try:

Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Heliotrope, and Evening Primrose.

Some great foliage plants that will glow in the moonlight are:

Dusty Miller, Lamb’s Ear, Wormwood, Hostas, Sweet Potato Vine, Golden Oregano

Another fun thing to know is that night gardens attract bats because of the insects.

Good luck! Enjoy your garden.



6 Nov

I am extremely excited to announce that my first novel is now available.


In a post-apocalyptic underwater dome, there lives a girl with a starfish growing from her head. Her name is Ohime. She is the starfish girl.

Alone in this world, Ohime must fight for her life against lecherous crabmen, piranha people, and a yellow algae that is causing humans to mutate into fish. Until she meets Timbre, a woman with deadly sea anemone hair. Ohime thinks she is safe with her new protector and friend, but Timbre is on the run from a violent past. Now they must escape Timbre’s former master, the evil Dr. Ichii, who is determined to conquer the underwater dome . . . and destroy the starfish girl and her friend in the process.


OUT NOW: The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple)

28 Oct
starterkit image

The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple)

The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple) is out now! This is the third volume and features the work of ten more bizarro authors including my short story, Clockwork Girl. I am excited to be included in this anthology with authors like Russel Edson, Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce, Kris Saknussemm, David Agranoff, Cody Goodfellow, Garrett Cook, Matthew Revert  and Andrew Goldfarb.

The Micmacs

17 Oct

From the director of Amelie and The City of Lost Children:

Welcome – Please excuse the mess

14 Oct

I am still developing this site. If you have happened across it and are reading this I just want you to know how much I appreciate you stopping by. Please visit again soon, the site should be up and running by the time my book comes out.

Meanwhile – here’s something else for you to look at: